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Scrub Worms..


Scrub worms small

All small packets contain 30 scrubbies.
All medium packets contain 20 scrubbies.
All large packets contain 12 scrubbies.
Orders: All orders are posted via Australia post, at buyers expense. Please click  to place your order.

Minimum of 10 packets per order.
How to keep you scrubbies.

Once you have received your order of scrub worms they will keep alive for a long time provided you keep them in a cool moist place like your fridge, or place a frozen ice block in the pollybox provided.

How to hook up your scrubbies.

Put tip of hook through the line in the scrub worm slowly slide it up to the eye n the hook, then push the tip through the center of the worm and slide it up. The last cm of the worm push the hook through slide over the shank and your ready.

Targeted Species.

Brown/Rainbow Trout, Bream, Salmon, Eel, Perch, Flathead, Bass, Murray cod, Many more.

Size guide
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